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Subtitling Services

Whether you need to produce subtitles, translate subtitles or closed captioning, Atlif offers subtitling services with tested in-country subtitle translators and quality assurance tools to translate and localize your videos for a global audience. Our team can utilize various video production tools, and can handle all subtitling files, such as SRT, SBV, SSA, and other open or closed captioning formats.. We employ industry-specific quality control processes, terminology creation and management, as well as other value-added quality assurance methods to ensure that your subtitles are consistent and culturally accurate.


Create and Translate Subtitles

Subtitles can be a cost-effective alternative to voice-over for your translated and localized videos. Atlif can produce original subtitles as well as translate them. Our in-country subtitle translators pay attention to consistency and linguistic and cultural appropriateness for the subtitle translations. Our production team can also customize the subtitle styles based on your font, type size, and text color preferences so that viewers can have an engaging and comfortable video experience.


Support of Various File Formats

Atlif’s video production team can produce different types of subtitling options such as hard-coded or standalone subtitles depending on your video needs. According to your specific needs, subtitles can also be delivered in different formats including .SRT or .SSA.


Closed Captioning Translation

Atlif also offers closed captioning translation. If needed, we can provide video access to your deaf or hearing impaired audience. Using the latest video production tools Atlif can easily translate and localize your training, e-Learning, product marketing or demo videos to include script and speaker notes.

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