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Legal Translations

Legal translation is the translation of texts within the field of law. Usually, these texts relate to Certificates of accuracy, Witness statements, Depositions of Trust, Wills, Articles of Incorporation, Litigation Documents, Immigration Documents, Intellectual Property Rights etc. only.


While translating a legal text, a translator should keep in mind that the legal system of the source text is structured in a way that suits that culture and this is reflected in that legal language; similarly the target text is to be read by someone who is familiar with his culture- specific legal system.


At Alif Translate and Consultancy company (ATC), we employ interpreters with the skill and training to handle the sensitive communications involved in legal interperation services. We understand the pressures facing attorneys and law firms, so we work to provide a stress-free experience throughout the process.


Our court interpreters understand a range of complex legal terminology and concepts. As they often translate for witnesses or defendants or legal professionals who don’t speak English, accuracy is key. They can also provide translation of written documents on the spot when the need arises.

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