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In a global marketplace of fierce competitors, market research firms need to provide top-quality multilingual research support. While trying to carry out research in different countries, markets or otherwise difficult to access population groups, it is imperative that the research carries the same meaning and impact in each language. At ATC, we have a record of providing accurate and timely translation services to our clients in market research, data collection and processing industry. Following services are typical of our capabilities in the market.
  • Questionnaires- Online and offline
  • Telephonic interview
  • Invitations to participate
  • Reports
  • Open-ended responses
  • Research Briefings
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Telephone scripts
  • Organizational in-house surveys
  • Technical Surveys
  • Interview videos 
Research Reports
Website localization is the process of adapting an existing website to local culture and language in the target market. One would require programming expertise and linguistic cultural knowledge. As you know 75% of internet users are non-english speakers. Over 1 billion people access the internet in a language other than English and if you target a proportion of this market to your site, your business will benefit substantially. Website visitors are 4 times more likely to purchase from a website in their own language Translating a website expands customer base and generates revenue stream for a firm Queries submitted to Google in languages other than English amount to more than 50% of total queries. Over 1/3rd of such queries are submitted in a European language other than English( Google Zeitgeist, 2003) A multilingual website is an excellent way to test the international online market before substantial investments are incurred in foreign market development. It helps equally in other business strategies such as new product development, diversification et al. ATC CAN HELP YOU ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS AND DREAMS.
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