About Us - Alif Translate Company
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About Us

Learn about our history and work

Alif Translate and Consultancy LLC Company (ATC) is a globally connected translation and localization company with head office in Nairobi, Kenya and branch offices in Mogadishu, Somalia & Ethiopia.

ATC offers translation, transcription, interpretation, language recruitment, language corporate training, language evaluation and other customized language-related services.

ATC is one of the top companies providing language services in the industry with its pool of more than 100 translators/ interpreters/transcribers across the region and pure put more emphasis on The Somali language. ATC, one of the top language translation companies in Somalia provides translation services in 5 languages covering all the major Hon of Africa languages including Somali, Tigrinya, Amhara, Kiswahili, Arabic and other African Languages.

Besides, ATC offers transcription services, interpretation services, language recruitment services, subtitling services, voice over services, language evaluation services, language corporate training and other customized language-related services and is one of the leading translation agencies in Somalia.

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